Panzerholz  Compressed Wood B15 & B25

Panzerholz  Compressed Wood B15 & B25
B15 B25
B25 B15
Size 1220mm x 1220mm

Sizes:   2130mm   x 1000mm

Thicknesses 4mm to 100mm

DELIGNIT® B15 is an extremely hard multilaminated material in sheet form. It is manufactured from beech veneers and synthetic resins under high pressure and heat. The resultant panel combines metal like hardness and mechanical strength with the advantages of easy workability, low weight and low cost.

Characteristic Properties

  • Easy Workability means savings in time and wages.
  • Low weight factor (density of standard grades approx. 1.35 – 1.4 g/cm3 = 84-87 lbs/cu.ft.).
  • High mechanical strength,hardness,and wear resistance.
  • Particularly favourable strength to weight ratio.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Favourable sliding characteristics,no lubricants required.
  • Sound deadening with sliding tracks,rebound surfaces, etc.
  • Corrosion proof and resistant to many chemicals.
  • Usuable at ambient temperatures from –196 to approx. +95 degrees C (-320 to +203 degrees F)


  • Alternative to metals particularly for tooling,jigs, and molds.
  • Other applications –
  • If low electrical conductivity is required, such as for transformer parts.
  • If low thermal conductivity and high mechanical strength are required, such as for liquified gas tank supports.
  • For antimagnetic parts.
  • L T LewisIf a particular elasticity as well as cushioning effect are required, as with picker sticks for looms in the textile industry.
  • For sliding surfaces not requiring lubrication.
  • For shielding from neutrons in nuclear research(specific values available on request).

And in many other cases, please contact us for further details.


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