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   Delignit®  FRCW  is  a  unique  fire  resistant
   hardwood  plywood  of  high  strength  produced
   from European beech veneers which have been
   impregnated with a special combination of highly
   effective fire-retarding chemicals prior to bonding
   thus  providing  uniform  treatment  and  fire
   retardant characteristics not only on the surfaces
   but to the very core of each panel. There is no  Building  Regulations  1976  Internal  Surface  Class
   similarity to ordinary treated plywood.   DELIGNIT®  FRCW  satisfies  the  requirements  of
                                             Class O surface of flame (the highest class) for walls
      Sizes                                  and  ceilings  under  the  Building  Regulations  1976,
                                             Clause E15 (1) (e) (ii) having an index of performance
    ● 1220 mm x 2500 mm                      (1)  of  8.6P  when  tested  to  BS476:  Parts  5  and  6:
                                             1968(FROSI  6102  February  1975).  In  addition
      Thicknesses from                       DELIGNIT® FRCW achieves Class 1 as required by
                                             the amendments to the Building Regulations proposed
    ● 6mm to 45mm                            by DOE.

      Rating                                 Surface  spread  of  flame  DELIGNIT®  FRCW  is
                                             classified as Class 1 when tested in accordance with
   1.  Class A(The highest Class)            BS476:Part  7:1973.  When  faced  with  a  mahogany
                                             veneer  or  other  veneers  the  Class  1  rating  of
   2.  Class 1(The highest Class)            DELIGNIT® FRCW is maintained.
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