Read all about L T Lewis

Read all about L T LewisL.T.Lewis and Company is a third generation family run timber-importing company specialising in beech plywood panels and beech plywood components.

We act as sole agents to Blomberger Holzindustrie, manufacturers of their trademark DELIGNIT® products. Blomberger Holzindustrie was the first recorded manufacturer of beech plywood and is recognised world-wide as the leading manufacturer of beech based speciality plywood.

DELIGNIT® is a registered product name; well known in the trade as being synonymous with multi-laminated, wood based materials of highest quality. It symbolises how the traditional material WOOD can be converted to modern, multi-usable materials with unusual characteristics. This is accomplished in a perfected manufacturing process, as well as through skilful combination of wood, plastics and sometimes even metals.

The special DELIGNIT quality, trusted by our customers for guaranteeing maintenance of highest quality standard. It receives total commitment not only for reasons of tradition, but – most importantly – because we strive to achieve maximum possible customer satisfaction. This philosophy has spawned the proven world-wide DELIGNIT® success.

All DELIGNIT® panels have the advantage of being beech and therefore being highly machinable. The specie is renowned and favoured for its capacity of not feathering and crumbling. All DELIGNIT® panels have remarkable screw holding properties. The compressed wood range (Panzerholz B.15 and B.25) can be drilled and tapped with astonishing strength.


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